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When it comes to website hosting you end up getting what you pay for. If you are interviewing a website development company and they claim to host their client’s websites in-house, you should run. Running and operating a state of the art datacenter is a significant capital investment and requires a very narrow focus. If we operated our own datacenter we wouldn’t be able to give our clients the attention they deserve.

Instead, we have our own server administrators on staff and utilize RackSpace for our datacenter storage and support. RackSpace is one of the world’s premier cloud hosting companies with datacenters spread across the globe.

We will consult with you on your project to determine the hosting environment that best suits your business needs and expected traffic. There are a number of options available when it comes to hosting, security, backups, email, PCI compliance, and so much more. We can help identify your needs and structure a hosting plan that is tailored to your business.

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Think of us as the backbone of your business.

This is especially true when choosing a hosting provider. We take great pride in maintaining our clients website uptime. We have two server administrators on staff and access to the best ninjas in the business at Rackspace. Your website couldn’t be in better hands.