Charity Splits

WEB DESIGN / PROGRAMMING is a raffle website that raises money for a wide variety of charities across the country. The challenge we faced on this project was to design a system that could accommodate small and large charities alike. It made sense that the largest charities would want to control the look and feel of their fund raising events and would want their own domain name. We created a system that allowed for smaller charities to be displayed on the website. We then created a “Premium” version of the application where larger Charities and Foundations could customize their pages and drive traffic directly to their particular event.

The major focus was put into the development of the back-end of this system. Since this company is an “Internet Company” the back-end needed to serve a number of specific purposes. The first was the ability to create, manage, and close events. In addition, the client needed the ability to add new charities and sponsors to the system without requiring any programming or web development knowledge. We created a system that is as simple as updating a Facebook account. The back-office also creates reports for each event that can be shared with the participating charities. In the end, we created a great system that helps do a lot of good for a number of charitable organizations.

Technologies Used: Flash, PHP, Ajax, and Xhtml